Digital experience and exploration of rebrand

Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities operates the Cook Arts Center and the Cook Library Center. Their mission is to enrich the lives of neighborhood youth through diverse and engaging programs at the Cook Arts Center and the Cook Library Center.


We recognize the opportunity to refine the current brand to clarify the organization’s identity within the neighborhood and for existing/potential donors. We also see the opportunity to save the organization time and money by establishing more consistency and providing an easy to use a system for everyone.


  • Website and content management

  • Recommendations for a future rebrand

  • Dia del Sol save the date email


Student Parent

This user wants to learn and sign up for  programs and classes offered in the centers


They need to save time updating details about classes and programs as well as edit the content website easily.


The website was created for parents and students to signup for classes and/or programs of the two centers. This saves time for the staff to keep track of the attendees. 

We also wanted to represent the organization as a whole, showcasing their students and the impact that the organization has on their community.


One of the main goals was for staff to easily edit and add content to the website. This is built in WordPress, we trained staff to use the tools for this to happen.


Dia del Sol is the organization's annual fundraiser where they showcase student's talents and everything the two centers do.

I was in charge of building the HTML Mailchimp email to send as the save the date. 

Because student's work is the most valuable thing to the two centers our recommendation was to showcase their drawings in the event.

We had a drawing session with the students to apply their artwork to Dia del Sol. Our team ask students to draw the things they do in the centers and what they love about them

HTML email


During our research, we discovered that the organization's name is not recognized within the neighborhood. Many people call it different names.

We presented six different concepts to the board and neighbors. The concepts below are those that I was in charge of.

The hand represents students creating and learning. The mosaic are neighbors coming together as one community.

The center are to serve the neighborhood, this is why the name for this concept and name change.

We wanted to provide an emblem as a concept idea. The orange lines represent the imagination of students, I thought it was important to have the two centers name as well.

The connecting letters represent the neighborhood coming together. the two i's represent students and the staff.

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