Packaging Design

I was part of an innovative project to redesigned the packaging of Jet-Puffed marshmallows to reduce the waste of the product.


Once opened, the marshmallow packaging goes stale after only a few days. If warm, the marshmallows combine into a sticky mess. 


  • Adapt the current packaging to create a longer shelf life

  • Make the packaging sealed longer or reusable

  • Align with Kraft's sustainability goals



They are about good times and traditions, because of this they need quality products that are as flexible as they are.


During the thumbnailing stage, our design team chose a selection bag of marshmallows. We then discuss the idea with Hans, the packaging design engineer of our team. 


Considering that we had to keep the brand identity, we use all the graphic elements on the original package. I was in charge of creating the bag design and nutrition facts.

For the package, I decided to use the rainbow colors in all the bags to have that unity between each rection.


The first bag has a bigger brand mark to make it easier for users to recognize the product. the other sections still have the brand mark but smaller to not visual be a lot for the eye.


After the package design was ready, the team decided to make physical prototypes and test how it was going to work, look, and feel. We went to Meijer and test it with a few people.

Considering the shelf life of marshmallows, this design functions very well. It solves the problem of half a bag of stale marshmallows that almost everyone has experienced.

-Karen from Meijer

Final Prototypes

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