Mobile healthcare clinic for migrant farmworkers

Branding and Experience Design

A few of the challenges that farmworkers face when seeking health care include lack of transportation, long working hours, lack of sick leave, language, lack of familiarity with the U.S. health care system, and immigration status.

Only 35% of migrant farmworkers established having health insurance according to the 2014 National Agricultural Workers Survey.


During my research, I found that migrant farm workers are of low-income. They work extensive hours every day to provide to their families and can’t afford to miss a day of work when they need health care. 

I know they care about me if they go to my job and provide their services. I don’t have to make an appointment wait and lose a day of work.

-Hortencia Espinoza

Exam Room

Waiting Room

Laboratory Room

Salud Clinic will be a mobile clinic that would go to migrant workers' job locations to provide medical services for free. The clinic will be 100% in Spanish to make it easier for patients to communicate with their health providers.


Migrant Farmworker

This user does not have health insurance and can't afford health care and her labor hours are very extensive she doesn't have time either.


This user is very involved in the community. They are looking to provide resources to non-profit organizations.


For the brand, I wanted to represent farmworkers and agriculture into it. As well as health care. 


The green color represents the fields where farmworkers work.


The blue is to represent trust, farmworkers can receive health care without feeling afraid.


The website's purpose is mainly for volunteers and donors. However, it would be bilingual for patients that need more information. During the research, I discovered that providing a phone number will be more helpful for patients.

Business Cards

Cover Letter




This t-shirt is for volunteers 

Donors that donate more than $50 will receive this cup in the mail.

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